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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying!
"Dick has the ability to help you keep things in perspective and maintain the focus on the big picture at all times."

~W. Scott Scheuermann, President
Scheuermann & Associates

"Richard E. Brown was instrumental in the success of my first private placement offering five years ago, and has assisted me in two other offerings since then. He also introduced me to key players in a Venture Capital group which led to an additional source of funding."

~ Scott Buske, President
Table Toys, Inc.

"Richard E. Brown represents an organization that is a unique combination of personal warmth, business expertise, and a practical approach."

~ Max Habegger, President
Big 10 Productions, Inc.

"I found Richard E. Brown to be a very professional, conscientious, and thorough person to do business with."

~ Owen Joyner, President
Oilfield Bearings, Inc.

"Possessing a good general knowledge of negotiating tactics combined with in-the-trenches experience, Dick Brown is excellent at putting deals together. He understands how buyers and sellers think, and how they typically behave down the stretch towards closing. I greatly rely on his judgement."

~ Chuck Earls, President
Strategic Focus Advisory, Inc.


Associates - Integrity, professionalism, and results characterize the philosophical approach of Crestview Capital LLC. Crestview Capital associates, who hold high degrees in the fields of law, accounting, and business, believe it is their responsibility to help achieve the economic and business goals of their clients through a dedicated and ethical process. In today’s complex and competitive business environment, competent and professional representation is often the determining factors of a successful business venture. Crestview Capital offers the know-how required to compete and win in the following investment banking areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Business Valuations, Expert Testimony. Crestview Capital takes a hands-on approach, working diligently with individual clients as if they were Crestview’s only clients. The best way to describe this business practice is that No one client is too small and no single project is too large for Crestview Capital to handle.